The Yoko Capsule is a limited, collaborative collection between Emi Ito of Little Koto's Closet and Two Days Off. This capsule consists of five pieces envisaged in the spirit of Emi's late mother, Yoko.

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Meet Emi

Emi Ito is the great granddaughter of a tea master, the granddaughter of a calligrapher, and the daughter of a koto and shamisen player. She is also a mother and proud public school educator.

Emi discovered sustainable fashion when she was pregnant with her child over five years ago and began speaking out about the cultural appropriation of the kimono around that time. She founded and co-moderates the Instagram page, @buyfrombipoc, which celebrates Black, Indigenous, and other people of color who are creators and innovators in the sustainable, slow, and ethical fashion communities.

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