Gina Stovall is the founder and designer behind Two Days Off.  

Gina was first inspired to start Two Days Off after learning about the environmental impact of the fashion industry. As a geologist and earth scientist, Gina worked on climate change issues over the past decade. After receiving her Masters from Columbia University she focused her work on climate research and solutions at the local level.

Gina on set directing a model and stylist during a photoshoot


In 2016, Gina began sewing her own wardrobe after not finding sustainable options that fit her aesthetic and lifestyle. In 2018, after moving from New York City to Los Angeles, inspired by a vibrant community of independent designers and artisans to start Two Days Off. From the outset she was unsure of what it meant to be an entrepreneur, but she used that beginner’s mind to her advantage to build a business for the new age we live in. One thing she was sure of is the urgency to respond to the climate crisis. The time we live in requires a new way of doing business. Production and consumption patterns need to be rethought. It is for this reason that Gina has chosen to grow Two Days Off slowly as she taps her scientist background and experiments to find the most environmentally and socially responsible way to operate.

The name Two Days Off was thought up on vacation, it represents the ease Gina looks to include in her clothing designs. The kind of ease you find on weekends. Since then, Two Days Off has come to have a dual meaning as Gina built the brand in her two days off (and evenings), while continuing her work as a climate researcher.


Design Ethos

In her designs, she first considers ease. Clothing that you feel good in is clothing you will want to wear and keep for a long time, and that makes it more sustainable. Natural fibers are often lower impact on the planet and wear well over time. Gina also designs for time. If you love it but it can’t stand the test of time, then it doesn't do anyone any good, so durability and construction are carefully considered. And finally, Gina designs for timelessness with great proportions and silhouettes that won’t fade with the trends.




Photo 2 by Olivia Lopez @summerbluescollective

Photo 3 by Benjamin Holtrop @benjaminholtrop