Two women side by side wearing two days off outfits holing the hands up to each other as if about to high five

“Without community, there is no liberation..."

Audre Lorde

The Community Fund is a program to harness the collective power of the Two Days Off community and make sustainable options more accessible. Two Days Off customers and supporters can opt to contribute to the fund (at check-out or via a donation). At the end of each month we will select applicants to receive a gift card that will subsidize their Two Days Off purchase. 

Inspired by Emi Ito and the Yoko Capsule, we referenced other accessible pricing programs like the Sliding Scale by Marion Maynor of Oakland based Black Borders. While our program is different in practice, it has been created in a similar spirit.

How to Support 

If you feel connected to our mission and want to financially contribute to making our garments accessible to more of the Two Days Off community there are two easy ways to do so. The first is to contribute at check-out when you place your Two Days Off order. Alternatively, you can donate via the link below. Each month we will share how much our community is able to redistribute to one another as well as stories of what these contributions signify for recipients.

Make a Direct Donation to the Community Fund


Three women shoulder to shoulder, arms linked, leaning on one another

How to Apply 

Would you like to apply for a community fund gift card? The application process is simple. Just complete the form below and stay tuned!


This initiative was inspired and co-created by Emi Ito and in honor of her late mother, Yoko Gates. You can support Emi’s work by contributing to her Patreon or by redistributing funds to a racial justice cause or mutual fund that is close to your own heart.