The Yoko Capsule: Production Update

About two months ago, we unveiled a project that has been in the works for the past year. In case you missed it, the Yoko Capsule is a collaborative collection with Emi It of Little Koto's closet. This spring we shared the inspiration, spirit, and design process behind this heartfelt capsule in a series of journal posts, social media posts, and podcast episodes. Today I am checking in to share with you where we are so far in the release of this capsule!

You may not know that for us, launching new styles is quite an exciting yet arduous undertaking. Since we made the first samples for this capsule we have been bust perfecting them and fit testing across our size range. Once our samples were as we envisioned the production process of doing the math for quantities, ordering fabric, waiting for the fabric to be made/delivered, cutting the pieces, and finally sewing began. Currently, we have released one of the new styles (the Crane Dress), and are in the cutting and sewing phase of production with three others.


When Two Days Off shifted to a small-batch, ready to ship business model we began launching pre-orders for new styles and colors. As a small business it can be risky releasing new pieces, gauging your interest in them, and making the right amount of garments so as not to create excessive waste. Pre-orders help us estimate how many pieces to produce and partially fund the production process which is very capital intensive. Without the faith of you all, our community, introducing new styles would not be possible for us. I sincerely thank you for this.

As I mentioned, we are in the thick of production which is inherently riddled with its own challenges. Inevitably there are unforeseen delays and mix-ups no matter how much planning is done during pre-production. Despite these hiccups our entire team is eager to get this very special garments into your hands a quickly as soon as possible!

And stay tuned for our next journal entry where we introduced you to our awesome production team who literally make your clothes!

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