The Yoko Capsule: Spirit of Inclusion & Generosity

We are just days away from opening the pre-order for The Yoko Capsule and there are a few more notable things about this project we want to share with you. Inclusivity, accessibility, and generosity were core topics of conversation for Emi and I as we developed this collection. The following three initiatives are wholeheartedly in the spirit of Emi herself and her mother, Yoko. 

Size Expansion

As you may know, Two Days Off started as a made-to-order line. That model allowed us to be more flexible with our sizing, often offering custom sizing. Last year as the pandemic disrupted our supply chain and operations, we shifted our business model to small batch production. These changes also put our plans to extend our standard sizes on hold. But this year (2021) as business has begun to stabilize, we are so proud to extend our sizing up to 4XL! Each of the five Yoko Capsule pieces will be available in our new size range and we have plans to continue developing our range further past 4XL. 

I would also like to express a very special thank you to Leila Kelleher for consulting on this part of the project. Emi suggested we reach out to Leila because of their special connection, Leila’s expertise, and because this project is not just about family, but also about friendship. I truly appreciate the guidance and time she generously gave and am so grateful to now consider Leila a friend as well.

Community Fund

In the past, we at Two Days Off have discussed the complexity and exclusivity of buying slow, sustainable fashion from a financial perspective. Financial accessibility is another form of inclusivity Emi and I pondered at the start of this project. While there may be no silver bullet that will make Two Days Off accessible to all, stay a viable business that can pay a living wage, and provide a high quality product, we are hoping the Community Fund is a  step in the right direction.

The Community Fund is a program to harness the collective power of the Two Days Off community to make sustainable options more accessible. Starting now, Two Days Off customers and supporters can opt to contribute to the fund (at check-out or via a donation). and eThen, each month we will select applicants to the fund to receive a gift card that will subsidize their Two Days Off purchase. We were inspired by other accessible pricing programs like the Sliding Scale Marion Maynor of Oakland based Black Borders developed. While our programs are different in practice, the sentiment and guidelines are similar. Visit our Community Fund page for more details.

Redistribution of Funds

Lastly, in lieu of payment for her collaboration on this capsule, Emi has requested that fifteen percent of the profits are redistributed to organizations that reflect the values Emi’s parents instilled in her.

My mother’s desire to bring more beauty into the world was only matched by her generosity of spirit. She was often giving free presentations at schools and community centers because she believed in bridging people and cultures through her music. No matter how people treated her, through the racism and AIDS-phobia, she responded with generosity and grace. 


The first two organizations that Emi has chosen to receive redistributed funds are Japanese Americans for Justice and Tsuru for Solidarity. Both organizations are working in solidarity toward closing the ICE detention centers and fighting for reparations for Black Americans. They are both volunteer organizations that Emi proudly is a part of, serving as Tsuru for Solidarity’s Committee Chair for the Family & Kids Committee and as a Steering Committee member for Japanese Americans for Justice. We at Two Days Off will report out quarterly on these contributions and are incredibly proud to help support these organizations' work.

For more information on the genesis of this capsule collection and the designs, read our other Journal entries on the process. And be sure to sign-up to our newsletter so you don’t miss the release!

All images by Olivia Lopez of @summerbluescollective

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