The Yoko Capsule Fabrics

When Emi and I embarked on this capsule, I knew it was going to be a dream. We share a similar design sensibility, gravitate toward earthy colors, and don’t shy away from sculptural silhouettes. (If you don’t know what capsule I am talking about go back and read my first post in this series here!).

Early in the design process, we began sourcing fabrics inspired by those that Emi’s mother, Yoko would wear. Here at TDO we are all about natural fibers, and for this capsule we knew that we would also want to incorporate some new textures and bolder colors too.

We wanted to select colors that are vibrant, but still inspired by the earth. The pink tones reminded us of the center of a cherry blossom and the blush color is like that of the petals. The mustard and chartreuse felt like colors Yoko most certainly had in her closet and the persimmon is the same color as a hand-sewn haori she wore almost daily . Altogether this vibrant array of  colors have come to embody the hopeful spirit of the capsule which we deemed  much  needed after a year spent indoors.


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Love these so much!!! Very much looking forward to this capsule! 💕

Rae October 24, 2021

Oh, wow!! These colors absolutely love each other! What a beautiful grouping!

Victoria October 24, 2021

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