The Yoko Capsule Designs

We shared with you the inspiration, and then we showed you the fabrics. Now, it’s time to share the styles! Each of these five styles were co-developed by myself and Emi, but ultimately inspired by Yoko.

The Okaasan Tie Top

In honor of Emi’s mother, Yoko, and motherhood in general, we’ve included a versatile tie top named the Okaasan, which means “mother” in Japanese. This top is a recreation of a vintage piece from Yoko, that now finds a home in Emi's wardrobe. It can be worn as a top or as an additional layer. We particularly love the sleeves, which are similar to that of the Journey Dress below,  and the thoughtful panelling. It will be offered in our four linen colors of the capsule.


The Mainichi Shirt

Mainichi translates to “every day” in Japanese. This shirt is inspired by the haori’s Yoko wore nearly every day. It features a boxy cropped bodice, perfect for pairing with higher waisted bottoms, and a gently curved sleeve. We are excited to unveil this special piece in three textured cottons.

The Koto Skirt

Named after the instrument Yoko played professionally, the koto, this straight styled skirt is reminiscent of the instrument’s elegant shape. This skirt features inseam pockets, two modest side slits, and a full elasticized 1.5" waistband. We expect it to be a workhorse piece in your wardrobe and are offering it in our four linen colors.

The Journey Dress

Inspired by an album Yoko recorded with jazz great, Pharoah Sanders. The song she recorded with him is called “Kazuko” and the album, “Journey to the One.” This dress is a midi length with a slight cocoon silhouette. It features  beautiful paneling, practical pockets and a dramatic architectural sleeve. We are so excited to unveil this piece in all four linens.


The Crane Dress

Do you remember the show Reading Rainbow? Well, The Crane Dress is inspired by an episode about Japan called “The Paper Crane” where Yoko was a guest star!  The episode was named after the main book that was featured. This dress is a nod to that day on set Emi remembers fondly, running around outside while her mother was recording with Levar Burton. It is also in homage to her hobby of folding origami intricate masks, animals, flowers, and lots of paper cranes. This voluminous dress has inseam pockets and extravagant sleeves that can be worn three  different ways. It will hit just at or above the knee length (depending on your height) and will be offered in three gorgeous cotton poplins this summer.

Tell us, which styles are you most excited to see come to life in May? We’ve put together a poll below!


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These are all beautiful! I think I am most excited about the crane dress! But I am also intrigued by the three textured cottons. Can’t wait! Thank you and Emi for your art!

Lindsey October 24, 2021

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