Introducing Our "Track Your Wears" Tag

We recently talked all about cost per wear on the journal. During the development of that article our team was brainstorming some of the ways people track their how often they wear items in their wardrobe. Our team actually looked back on the data we gathered from a community survey we sent out in January of this year. We received over six hundred respondents, and 13% of you do track your wears one way or another. 

One of the most popular ways of tracking included via an app, the second most popular way was using a spreadsheet or database, and the third most popular way was keeping a mental tally or estimate each week or month. Some people even kept a physical chart or tracker, used daily outfit photos as a way of remembering, or had a habit that indicated what they had worn recently (like turning a hangar in the opposite direction or to a different part of their closet). 

When Eileen and I were editing the cost per wear article, we brainstormed ways we could simplify tracking your wears so more people could possibly jump on the bandwagon. Eileen's dad had proofread the article and suggested a few ways people could track their wears, including marking the tag of the garment and that is when the lightbulb went off! I immediately suggested we make a tag just for marking and there you have it, the track your wears tag was born.

Maybe you have heard of the 30 wears challenge initially coined by Livia Firth of Eco-Age. We aim to make garments you will wear far more than 30 times, so as a start we have included 35 boxes on the tags. If you are so inclined you can track wears up to 70 times with the tag by marking each box two times with one half of an "X".

With this new feature we hope it makes it easier for people be more mindful of what they're wearing and get the most our of their pieces. And for your non-Two Days Off garments we offer these in packs of twelve (12) so you can add them to other items in your wardrobe!

We can't wait to see how much you love and wear your Two Days Off garments!


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