Raffle For RAICES

How can we celebrate our independence when people are in cages?

If you are an American reading this you know what is happening at the southern border of the United State right now. Human beings, including children, are being held in inhumane, unsanitary conditions by our government and it is a national shame. It is important that we as a society speak out against the cruel treatment of the migrants being held, force our government to swiftly rectify the issue, prevent such cruelty from happening again, and help these victims of our broken system get justice. Two Days Off is a small one-woman operation, but no matter how small, we each have a part we can play.

This July 4th Two Days Off is hosting a raffle to help raise money for RAICES. RAICES, the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, is the largest provider of pro-bono legal services to immigrants in Texas, and perhaps the United States. Every dollar raised helps them provide lawyers for children, reunite families, provide social services to immigrants in need, resettle refugees, and more.

All who donate over $1 will be entered to win a Jordan Dress. 100% of funds donated will be given to RACIES after the drawing period ends at 9pm PST Sunday, July 7th. Drawing for the winner will take place on Monday, July 8th and the winner will be notified via the email address provided and announced on Instagram.

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