Our Earth Day Message

Hi there, and happy Earth Day!

I'm going to get right to it. Science says we have just nine years to make the changes needed to tackle climate change. Overwhelming? Yes. An opportunity? Also, yes.

Solutions to climate change exist, they just need funding. If we can drive investment into these projects, we can cut our emissions and get on the right path to a zero-carbon future and a balanced, healthy climate.

Two Days Off is committed to leading the way. We're proud to announce that today on Earth Day we are officially Climate Neutral Certified for a second year in a row!

We've spent the last three months working with Climate Neutral to measure our 2020 carbon footprint. We've calculated all of the emissions that it takes to make and ship our products to your doorstep. We then offset all 35.2 tonnes of carbon by investing in climate change solutions.

But the work doesn't stop there. We must reduce our future emissions to limit climate change. Over the next few months, we'll be hard at work tackling waste created in our manufacturing process and upstream shipping emissions.

Climate change requires immediate action - there isn't a minute to waste when it comes to decarbonizing our planet. If every company were to measure, offset, and reduce their emissions right now, we can accelerate this journey.

As we celebrate Earth Day, we can’t help to be overwhelmed with gratitude for you -- our community! Without you, TDO wouldn’t be possible. From your support, to words of encouragement, feedback, and investment, we get a chance to do what we do because of you. 

Thank you, now let's keep going!


Gina Stovall, Founder

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