Distant, Yet Closer

Two Days Off has always been more than a clothing company for me. Even before it existed I knew I wanted the business I created to be an engine for social good. Even though my burgeoning company is just that, burgeoning, the mission to put people over profits is at the forefront. I believe that community is greater than corporate overlords, and speaking up is more important than appeasing the masses. In my career as a climate researcher and policy advocate, I admired how the private sector had autonomy and resources to use as they pleased. It was that that seduced me into entrepreneurship.

So in that spirit, I am running a campaign called Distant, Yet Closer. Times are uncertain and though we may be socially distancing, all of us are in this together. This crisis has shown us some examples of humanity’s worst instincts, but more so of our best. We want to celebrate people bringing their community closer together in different ways.

Share how you are supporting your community using the hashtag #distantyetcloser on Instagram. This could include making monetary donations to relief organizations, blood or food donations, wellness calls to/grocery runs for high-risk individuals. Be creative while still remaining safe and socially distancing yourself!

And to show our appreciation for you and your support in this campaign we are offering all participants a 20% discount code that you can use at any time in the future!

- Gina

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Ease is more than how you feel in our clothes; it is knowing that your wardrobe was artfully, ethically, and sustainably made.

Gina Stovall, Founder