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I recently had the pleasure of talking about my design process, sustainability, and balancing being an entrepreneur and having 9 to 5 with Rhoda, product designer, researcher and founder of Design for Everyone.

Here is a snippet of our conversation where we discuss how I choose textiles and make design decisions that affect the environmental impact of TDO garments:

As I grow Two Days Off, I question every decision I make and look at it from every angle I can think of. I consider how I source raw materials, how things are made, how pieces will be used and cared for, and what will happen at the end of the garments life. Once all answers are considered, I make a decision. Early on, I decided to use dead-stock fabric, which is leftover fabric from large production runs, that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Using deadstock is essentially recycling textiles that already have embodied energy and resources that were spent to make them, so I feel it is a great way to integrate sustainable practices into my business.”

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