Climate Neutral

We’re going Climate Neutral!

Last month Two Days Off committed to becoming Climate Neutral Certified with the support of Climate Neutral, and independent non-profit organization. This commitment is a public commitment by us and other ambition companies, to assess and tackle the carbon emissions produced during the course of our day to day business.

As you know, climate change is a central reason Two Days Off was founded. The fashion industry is known to be one of the biggest environmental polluters, including GHG emissions, and we have taken initial steps to address some of the key sources of pollution. Two Days Off tackles over-production by producing made-to-order or in small batches. We tackle textile waste by using deadstock fabric and down-cycling all scraps. We have limited transportation emissions by producing and sourcing locally within city bounds. And we fight plastic pollution by shipping plastic-free and limiting plastic use throughout our supply chain.

With the help of Climate Neutral, we have committed to measuring, reducing, and offsetting our carbon emissions. This three-step process will give us net-zero carbon emissions, meaning we’ll reduce the amount of carbon we’re responsible for emitting, then zero out the rest by purchasing carbon offsets. Carbon offsets are investment projects that either prevent carbon from being emitted, like renewable energy, or remove carbon from the atmosphere, like planting trees.

As of writing this politicians have not been able to adequately address the climate crisis. At Two Days Off we believe that it is critical for the business community to be responsible and hold themselves accountable for their part in the climate crisis.

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