Two Days Off Is Carbon Neutral!

Hello there, Gina here. I am so excited to share with you some big news for Two Days Off. As of this month we are Climate Neutral Certified!

You may already know that sustainability and climate action are at the heart of Two Days Off. It is why I founded the company in the first place. And although we are still small and growing, one of our top priorities is being accountable for the emissions we produce when making our products and delivering them to you. I have been working hard with our non-profit partner Climate Neutral since announcing our commitment to becoming climate neutral in November of last year. Over the past few months we have measured, offset, and created a plan to reduce our emissions in 2020.

On this 50th anniversary of Earth Day and with the support of Climate Neutral over 100 brands have certified and offset over 160,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent. By voluntarily choosing to pay for emissions, we are creating a financial incentive to reduce emissions, additional funding to low carbon technologies, and show our policy makers the business community is ready and willing to act on climate change now.

In order to offset Two Days Off’s 2019 emissions we have investing in a suite of credits that help accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy, including wood cookstoves, renewable energy and forest conservation/reforestation. You can learn more about carbon offsetting here.

As you already may know here at Two Days Off we already employ many sustainability practices into the way we do business (read more on that here), but there is always more we can do. I feel it is important for us as a young company to be aware of our impact so we can make better decisions centered on sustainable practices as we grow and that is why we took on this challenge of being climate neutral.

Happy Earth Day!


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