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I wanted to share a little more about myself, Gina, the founder and current one-woman show at Two Days Off.

At some point as a little girl I wanted to be an artist but I vaguely remember being told that artists made no money and that I should get my education and become a professional. Fortunately for me I loved science too and so I pursued that path instead.

I come from a working class family, of which I am incredibly proud. I was taught to work hard for what I wanted, and in doing so I have become strong and resilient. I became a scientist, I got my masters from an ivy league university, I created a career working on climate change solutions that I am very proud of. My work deals with the environment, but more importantly it to protect people and society as a whole. I care deeply about climate justice and protecting those most vulnerable. And I believe that the climate crisis we not face is a great opportunity to innovate and reshape society so that it is more just and equitable for all, particularly women and people of color.

I started Two Days Off because I believe the solution to climate change and social inequity lies in creating sustainability minded solutions that are run by people who are socially-conscious and will give back to their community and empower those disenfranchised. I believe that in addition to good policy, we need products that people can buy and trust. I believe we need more of these businesses to shift industries to do better, sooner. And more options for consumers so making the best choice is the easiest one. I also truly believe that by having more women-owned, black-owned, and other minority-owned businesses we will see the wealth generated by them trickle down into the communities they come from and help to raise the status of all, instead of being concentrated among the already privileged and wealthy. With that wealth comes power and that is how we build strong communities and resilient.

Additionally, as a woman of color coming from very modest means I have been so lucky to have many helping hands support my work and pull me up to where I am today. And as I continue to climb up the steep metaphorical mountain, I know the importance of extending my hand to helping others make their climb in the future. When you shop small you are supporting individuals who in turn often pass it on.

If you want to know more about my background and what inspired Two Days Off check out the interview I did with the lovely women who moderate the @buyfrombipoc instagram account: Joemy (@little_kotos_closet), Brooke (@yokeandbore), Bea (@thebeaologist), and Elaina (@elainaandjay). And be sure to read some of the many other inspiring profiles while you are there!


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