Resources For Active Anti-Racism: A TDO Curation

More than a year ago, the murder of George Floyd served as a tipping point for the senseless brutality and violence towards African Americans. This outcry for justice and systemic reform, steered by the Blacks Lives Matter movement, made the entire world take notice. Nationwide, individuals and businesses made anti-racism pledges and vowed to better educate themselves and be active allies in the face of injustice.

This year, we would like to gently remind our community of what we collectively learned last year. Racism still proliferates every aspect of society. In the year after George Floyd, there have been another 229 Black people murdered at the hand of police. And as we know, this is not the only measure of racism we see on a daily basis. To that end, we encourage you to explore this curated list of articles, books, podcasts, and more to continue your lifelong anti-racist education and hopefully inspire action. 

How to Be Actively Anti-Racist

Stories About and By Black People

Viewing, reading, and listening to Black stories and art is an important step in a person’s journey towards active anti-racism. However, Black art is worth more than just what a white person gets out of it. As Racquel Gates says in her article for The New York Times, “The idea that a singular film, or even a collection of films, can serve as a guide to the history of Black oppression is simplistic...Indeed, the very idea that Black film’s greatest purpose is to be an educational primer on race in America is a notion that we need to lay to rest.” With that said, it is still important for everyone to support, absorb, invest in and appreciate Black art. For more on this topic read The Problem With ‘Anti-Racist’ Movie List by Racquel Gates.
  • Film Pariah Written and Directed by Dee Rees (Netflix)
  • TV Show Dear White People Created by Justin Simien (Netflix)
  • Film Moonlight Written and Directed by Barry Jenkins (Free on Kanopy)
  • TV Show Atlanta Created by Donald Glover (Hulu)
  • Film If Beale Street Could Talk Written by Barry Jenkins and James Baldwin, Directed by Barry Jenkins (Amazon or Hulu)
  • Film Get Out Written and Directed by Jordan Peele (Amazon)

Systemic Racism and White Privilege

Mass Incarceration and Policing 

Queerness and People of Color

Feminism and People of Color

Raising Anti-Racist Children

How to Continue Your Activism and Allyship Every Day

Our Overlooked History of Systemic Racism

Tulsa Massacre
The Tuskegee Experiment

Other Lists and Resources to Check Out

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